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Another precedent set by our Tourism CEO is that of having a “pet” at work. Each Ministry CEO ought to now be encouraged to adopt a pet. Not permitted are as pets are Alligators, Snakes, Tarantulas, Gibbons, Chimps, Sharks, Pit Bull Terriers, Lions, Tigers, Polar Bears, Elephants or Rhinos. Talking parrots and Pet Rocks are acceptable.

A chook asks why is that in depth rock fish trap nonetheless in Muri lagoon? Are folks nonetheless using it to lure fish? Is anyone consuming fish caught in that trap? If not, then get rid of the lure. It’s a man-made item not a naturally occurring construction so dismantle it and perhaps the tidal move will enhance.

Noticeable was that officials had been marching on the head of the team. As the Games are about the athletes, not the officers, in future officers might have to march at the rear. Fans come to see the athletes not some official. Officials shouldn't be hogging the limelight.

If your automobile is safe, properly and good. At the speeds many are driving it’s a surprise http://footballpredictiolt3.webdeamor.com there aren’t more crashes. Areai also says earlier than he started his campaign, the CIP candidate was ahead of the Demo candidate in the numbers recreation but now he has joined the race, the contest is between him and the Demo man.

Now we see public messages advising to conserve water! Tuesday morning a large faculty closed-no water! Word from the Water Works was because the Big Boss Boy was overseas, no warning messages have been going out. Why must the Cook Islands feel obliged to celebrate every United Nations Day for each subject beneath the sun? We have just lately marked Disaster Awareness Day, now it’s the Day for the Blind, what next? How about “Cook Islands Day” to mark the Cook Islands celebration of each different day specified by the UN?

Where do younger kids

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be taught to fish? In the fresh water creeks however many of those are dried up! How many youngsters know how to climb a coconut tree? New subject for the schools-teach to children how to catch a fish and climb a coconut tree.

The smoking fraternity ask, how many individuals have been http://footballtipsvod.journalnewsnet.com immediately killed or maimed by a cigarette? Maybe not suddenly but the reply is-plenty. Team BB will start in spots recognized as http://todaymatchpredicblb.apeaceweb.net “deserts” on the athletics map. Their first sequence of races will be held on Rarotonga. Who is the excessive flier from the Land of the Wale, who desires to meet the Stately Hillary,and Kiwiland’s John Key to pow wow a few tremendous enterprise for the Wale isle? Said excessive flying entrepreneur was recently hauled before the bench over some real property investments gone belly up however was given a clear invoice from the Beak.

Visiting Cookie from Melbourne says it’s so easy to fix pot holes in the highway he can't understand why our people are muckin’ about and not doing a correct jobbie. In Aussie he says concrete is poured in to hold the stones in place before being coated by fantastic gravel. Over right here it seems we've a love affair with pot holes. Word is chooks a few highflyers could soon be minimize off at the knees as proof piles up in opposition to one specifically. Watch for whispers to achieve the ears of an abroad constabulary.

If Boards are http://footballtipsvvw.firesci.com to be retained, then retain them as advisors to government-that’s all. Let government do the hiring and firing and make the CEO report on to the Minister not a Board. One northern MP is frantically trying to get again up north on the cheap!

Good quality white business shirts most likely cost $60 upwards every and an MP will want five. A good pair of Italian made sensible, lengthy lasting sneakers will set an MP back more than $600 and at least two pair can be needed. A smart silk neck tie will value around $170 and at least three will be needed.

Captain Cook would have given us his name if he wanted to but he didn't. Clearly he didn't think he deserved to name the place after him. Why is CISNOC having financial problems? Surely, after the 2007 Pacific Games in Samoa, CISNOC ought to have started fund raising for 2011. In reality, each sporting code should have been putting some money away over the past 4 years to ease the ache now.

How about a suggestion by Public Health to check all reef fish caught for poisons? Seems there's a easy test that may be done. Those fish above acceptable toxin ranges should

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be confiscated.

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